Yes and No

Generally speaking, vintage motorcycles must be considered a poor investment if the sole criteria for purchase and ownership is to turn a profit. There are far fewer collectible motorbikes than most people think, and just being old doesn't cut it. That said, a mixed study of past trends and the present market can allow the researcher an educated guess of what will be in demand, what might grow in value and what stands little to no chance of achieving anything but moderate gains in desirability...(continued)

Bike of the Month

V1000 LM-DMB

The Moto Guzzi Le Mans has always been an enthusiast's machine. From its introduction late in 1975 until now, Guzzi's raw-boned racer remains Mandello's most identifiable moniker. Still, years after being phased out for bigger and better things. That didn't happen, as least in the minds of vintage sportbike fans because to them, the Le Mans represents Guzzi's finest hour...(read more)


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