The Back Nine

Recently, a good friend of mine sent me an article that talked about the twilight of one fragile existence. The last nine holes on the golf course of life. The Back Nine. It made me ponder upon my own mortality..(continued)

Bike of the Month

1965 T120 Bonneville Thruxton

The question regarding the first superbike has been tossed about for years, with many owners and fans basing the pick more on opinion than fact. Technically, the term was first applied in print regarding the Honda Four, but it wasn’t until the Kawasaki Z-1 made its debut in 1972 that the ‘superbike’ craze -and the use of that now important title- began to spread. Those arguing in favor of select older designs make a strong argument however, especially when evaluating the factory-built production racer...( read more)


April Poll

Which is the best production racer?