Salute: Arturo Magni (1925-2015)

Motorcycling would be different if not for men like Arturo Magni. Applying his talents for engineering and tuning to produce some of the finest sporting bikes in history, those who knew Arturo say it was a love of model making at a young age that inspired his storied career. Driven, Magni went on to lead the crafting of special machines bearing his own name to be ridden and enjoyed all over the world... (continued)

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Best of VMOL 2015

Whoever said the clock spins quicker as you get older wasn’t lying. Still, some days do drag on no matter what your vintage but that’s what websites like Vintage Motorcycles Online are for. Giving enthusiasts who prefer the older bikes new bits every month, you can count on our effort but the timing sometimes jams. It’s February which means it’s late, but not too late to celebrate...(read more)


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