Trumpet Tales

Triumph. Few phrases in the history of motorbikes invoke more passion than that singular, all inclusive title. One of the industry's most recognizable names, the superficial truth shows little public knowledge of the substance behind it, routinely rolling off the tongue without pausing to reflect how history recalls the fall in Meriden, and its rise from the ashes at Hinckley. Do we know? Do we want to? ...continue here

Bike of the Month

Paul Clark's R60 racer

The cafe' racer is an undeniable and lasting force in motorcycling, mixing engineering, culture and creativity into a sub-category that continues to grow and evolve. Only correct in non-sterile form, factory cafe' builds lack the personalized element that's a fundamental part of any custom machine. You can't mass produce individuality, making the cafe' scene totally dependent on the enthusiast’s more


July Poll

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