Teutonic No More

Judging from the recent comments, heard, read and repeated I’m not the only person going through the progressive verses traditional battle. Far more than simple nostalgia, there's far more value to familiarity than it's given credit for, but life often leads to unknown paths. And while it’s a real stretch to say my fingers are anywhere near technology’s pulse, just like most people I'm appreciative when it when it benefits me. Time waits for no one, not even motorcyclists, but the reality of change being the only constant does little for those of us hurrying to sort the what’s new before what's newer sweeps it away...(continued)

Bike of the Month

Yoshi GS1000 Suzuka replica

There’s nothing new about the tribute bike concept, and unless it’s Peter Fonda’s Captain America Harley, the honor will likely be patterned after a successful racer. Starting with Kawasaki in the early days of AMA Superbike then switching to Suzuki in 1978, Hideo Yoshimura and Wes Cooley won the AMA’s championship for the class in 1979 and 1980. Now sealed as legend, both “Pops” Yoshimura and the production GS1000 became standards of excellence…( read more)


September Poll

What is the greatest BMW?