For those paying attention in the 1960s the signs were clear. And those who ignored them payed a heavy price. Coming from a world where motorcycling was dominated by Harley Davidson in the US and England everywhere else, the Euro/Japanese ascension into the big bike arena was imminent. Setting the pace, Honda’s Four lit the burner under a decade that grew progressively hotter, eventually reaching the boiling point we remember as 1978...(continued)

Bike of the Month

Moto Guzzi V7

Entering the marketplace just as the motorcycle industry was undergoing drastic changes, the V700 might be the most important motorcycle Moto Guzzi ever produced. What did it establish? Guzzi’s now traditional v-twin stands out as the most important engineering element, but without the V7’s solid, over the road performance and composure, it’s almost a certainty the Mandello firm would not have survived....(read more)


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