No Limbo for Laverda

There’s a lot of reasons to like Italy’s long-sleeping Laverda, the best being the heady days of the 1970s when the Jota was running ahead of the Japanese. Be sure that the industry knew Laverda was capable of making speedy bikes -the 750 SFC production racer proved that, but when MV Agusta's grip began to slip the inline configuration was turning into the sole property of the Big Four...until the Jota took it back. And while important models date before and after that landmark machine, things went south after the brand and family parted ways...(continued)

Bike of the Month

Laverda Jota 180

The ‘first superbike’ question has been around for years, starting roughly when the Z-1 reached vintage status. The main contenders are household names, with a darkhorse or two. I used to know the name of the journalist who coined the term, but remembering that will be easier than finding an answer everyone agrees with…( read more)


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