The Obscure Centauro

Fate is a funny thing, especially when it comes to motorcycles but this famous transverse twin from Mandello Italy often forces you to make your own luck. After a weekend road trip to the West Coast with a fellow Guzzisti where he acquired a very rare 8v Magni Guzzi Australia, a local Tucson craigslist ad landed in my inbox for a 1998 Centauro GT. Sent by an enthusiast who knew I'd been hand wringing for another Guzzi, time and opportunity had met again.(continued)

Bike of the Month

Rickman Kasasaki Z1000 CRE

Along with independents like Harris, Seeley, Italy's Bimota and Fritz Egli in Switzerland, Britain’s Don and Derek Rickman changed the game in the 1970s by doing what the big factories couldn’t. Reminded again that necessity is the mother of invention, Japan’s engine overcompensation resulted in the creation of an industry that pulled chassis technology even to produce the era’s finest sporting motorcycles…(read more)


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